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In 1993, Patrick Christensen began his professional career working as an estimator at Marshall Erdman Construction in Madison, WI. Later that same year, he was hired as the project manager for Horizon Retail Construction, which builds numerous retail, commercial, and medical properties around the country. Two years later, due to his successful work ethic and determination to improve his skills, he was promoted to Vice President and soon after President and CEO.

Along with his CEO duties, at Horizon Retail Construction, he is also an avid member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), which promotes and encourages marketplaces to become vital and foundational areas for people to shop, dine, work, play and gather together while providing economic growth and stability for the surrounding communities.

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Christensen learned at a young age that in order to succeed at any job meant doing your research, learning all you can about that particular job, and asking a lot of questions. This formula allowed him to work through tough decisions to provide the best possible outcome to any situation, combined with hard work and dedication, which ultimately led to his current position at Horizon. He believes anyone can be in his position if they put their mind and focus toward working for what they want to achieve and accomplish any set goals.

As he’s matured over the years, his philosophy now is sharing his experience with future leaders. He attributes his success to one particular lesson, which is being responsible for your decisions and able to answer any questions at any time. He believes responsibility grows you as a person and preparation keeps you well informed in order to extend your wealth of knowledge to others, who are seeking out honorable advice and valuable resources.

Christensen’s inspiration stems from his former boss at Horizon, who said that Christensen would manage many companies because of the hard work and compassion seen within him. Christensen works hard on a daily basis to live up to his former boss’ work ethics and standards, not just for his benefit, but for the benefit of his staff and employees. He knows that surrounding yourself with the best and brightest individuals in the industry, will be a benefit to you, but also to the success of your business in accomplishing your goals and establishing a positive reputation for yourself and your company.

Christensen looks forward to sharing all he has learned over the years and wants to help young entrepreneurs everywhere to have successful business ventures. He loves meeting and working with new people every day and aspires to make a difference not only in your life, but in your communities and around the nation as well.

Horizon Retail Construction in Sturtevant is preparing interns for a brighter future

STURTEVANT — At Horizon Retail Construction, interns aren’t just trained to follow management’s lead on projects; they are encouraged to operate their own construction projects from beginning to end.

The internship experience is all about gaining responsible, hands-on experience, said Patrick Christensen, president of the company.

“Our goal is to give them full exposure to who we are and national experience as a general contractor touching on all parts of our programs,” Christensen said….

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Patrick Christensen — is the owner and president of Horizon Retail Construction, one of the nation’s leading general contracting firms specializing in multi market tenant-improvement construction.